In an emergency, where you or someone you know is at risk of suicide or self-harm, you should make contact immediately with one of the following:

  • Phone or go to your local doctor
  • Go to the Accident & Emergency department of the nearest hospital
  • Call 999

Low cost mental health services and support*

Private counselling and psychotherapy is not an affordable option for many people. While it is essential that mental health services in Ireland receive significant and continued government investment, there are many great services available, often free of charge, that people are not aware of.

Below is list in alphabetical order of very helpful mental health related organisations and resources, along with their relevant contact details and information.

Note that Present Moment has no responsibility for any interactions that you may have with any of the organisations listed below. Present Moment is not acting as a referral for any of these organisations. The following details are provided for the purpose of providing sign posting and information to those who cannot afford private counselling and psychotherapy.

*In many cases the services listed are free of charge. However due to the fact that these services are ran by voluntary and charitable organisations, they rely on donations to provide their services, and therefore you may wish to provide a donation in support of the relevant services that you receive.

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