Mindfulness on the Go coverMindfulness on the Go by Padraig O’Morain provides an excellent introduction and overview to mindfulness. For those who may be sceptical about mindfulness, Mindfulness on the Go includes many compelling scientifically validated findings about the benefits of mindfulness as a practice, such as the effects of mindfulness on our brains and the subsequent positive benefits for our mind and body.

Enhanced cognitive functioning, improved focus and concentration, reduction of pain in the body, enhanced creativity, an overall more positive outlook towards life, and increased energy are some of the other scientifically proven benefits of mindfulness.

Simple ways to make mindfulness part of your everyday life

Perhaps you have been led to believe that to practice mindfulness you must sit in a formal meditation posture for an extended period of time each day. This is one way to practice mindfulness, but in the early stages of exploring mindfulness, this can be a difficult practice to commit to. Mindfulness on the Go shows you how to begin practicing mindfulness in easy and manageable ways. Practices such as the 7/11 breath, awareness of movement, or becoming more present to the pleasurable moments of your day are just some of these examples.

You learn that mindfulness is far more than a formal meditation practice, rather, it is a way of being throughout your day, and how you respond to the people, events and experiences that you encounter. A fundamental aspect of this is how you respond to what arises within you. For example, in response to anxiety, rather than getting caught up in all the distressing thoughts that your mind might be telling you, you learn to relate to your anxiety in a new way, instead, bringing your attention to your breath and body, as well as sensations in your physical environment. This approach starves anxiety of the energy that it needs to survive and grow.

Understanding that so many of us lead busy and demanding lives, the author Padraig O’Morain outlines many simple mindfulness opportunities that exist throughout our day, whether you are a busy executive, a student, a stay at home parent, or a retired individual.

Further resources and information

Of course it goes without saying that in order to cultivate your mindfulness practice, you must do just that….practice! If after reading the book you wish to explore mindfulness in more depth, the author includes many widely available mindfulness resources, as well as suggestions for further reading. However, there are so many ideas and concepts included in this book, that instead of looking to other sources to deepen your practice of mindfulness, a lot could be gained from gradually implementing the ideas from this book and using it as an ongoing reference and guide to deepen your practice.

Who might enjoy this book most?

Mindfulness on the Go is an excellent introduction and overview for those who are only beginning to explore mindfulness and who believe it might be of benefit to them.

It has also been written for those who are already quite familiar with mindfulness as a concept, but whom perhaps struggle at times to find a space for mindfulness in their daily lives.

This is a great, easy to read book, with principles and ideas that have the potential to positively influence so many aspects of our lives, such as our home life, our work life, our leisure time, and our important relationships.