Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom – Viktor E. Frankl

At Present Moment you will be met with warmth and compassion, and experience an open and supportive space to talk through and make sense of whatever issues or difficulties that you might be facing.

Counselling and psychotherapy provide a therapeutic and nurturing space so that a person is empowered to discover for themselves the direction, clarity, and healing that is needed in their lives.

People come to counselling for a very varied and wide range of reasons. Some of the issues that people might be facing could be related to the following areas: loss, grief, work related stress, workplace issues, relationship difficulties, anxiety, depression, addiction, experiences of panic, fear or phobias, OCD, fertility, sexuality, gender identity, a major life event, illness, self-esteem, trauma, abuse, eating disorders, and anger and rage.

I work using a Humanistic and Integrative approach. This means that the core principles of compassion and respect of Humanistic counselling guide my work, but in addition, I use a variety of techniques and ways of working tailored to your unique story, your needs, and what you hope to gain from counselling and psychotherapy.

Examples of some of these ways of working might include the use of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), or the use of Mindfulness based psychotherapy. Click here to find out more about each of these approaches.

A choice of where and when your counselling session takes place

Having more choice about where and when your counselling session takes place can help you find the right space for counselling in your life.

Daytime and evening appointments are available on weekdays, and in the morning and afternoon on Saturdays.

Many people choose to have their counselling session at the Present Moment counselling space in Dunshaughlin, however I also provide counselling sessions online via Cisco Webex, as well as outdoors in nature where we will walk at a gentle pace as we talk and work through the issues and difficulties that you are facing.

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