Having the resources available within us to care for the health and happiness of our minds can be compared to having the ability to skilfully speak and understand a particular type of language.

This is the unique and at times complex language of our mind and our internal emotional world.

For some people, important aspects of their life, such as their earliest relationships, the makeup of their personality, and affirming experiences throughout life have enabled them to master this unique language.

For other people, they have not been supported within these important aspects of their life to speak this language to their full potential.

To find yourself struggling emotionally with difficulties within your life is revealing to you an aspect of your emotional world that requires your understanding and care. It represents an opportunity for personal growth and to become more fluent in the language of your internal world.

This to me is the greatest strength of counselling and psychotherapy. It offers a space where through the process and experience of counselling you learn to master the language of your mind and your emotions. You are given the freedom to safely explore, connect with, and express all that arises within you. You begin to know yourself with greater clarity as you understand and find meaning in what previously made little sense.

Over time resilience builds as you become more and more familiar with the workings of your mind and your internal emotional world. You learn to interpret the emotions or feelings that might be arising for you from moment to moment, and just like a person effortlessly speaking their native language, you have gained the ability to answer and respond with accuracy with what you need in any given moment.

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